Bookings / Terms & Conditions

The Te Puke War Memorial Hall is available for hire for sporting, social or cultural events and private functions.

Te Puke Memorial Hall Te Puke High School Ball


We would appreciate being given as much notice as possible to ensure the best time slots for your requirements to be met.
The bond must be paid and contract signed no later than 3 pm the day before the day of hire.
Recurring bookings cannot be made any further than 30 June each year.

There is a minimum hire period of one hour.

Preparation and setup time is charged by the hour. It is not included in your daily usage fee and needs to be part of your booking.
Booking extensions can be arranged, if available.
Hirers will forfeit all deposits if a booking is cancelled at any time within a period of two weeks prior to the date of hire, and a 20% postponement fee will be incurred should you wish to change your booking date within the two week period.
All refunds are at the discretion of Te Puke War Memorial Hall Management.


All bookings must be confirmed by payment of a bond and signing a contract between Te Puke War Memorial Hall and the user.
You can make your application for a bond refund two days after the function has taken place, and if the manager is satisfied that the venue has been left in a satisfactory condition, bond will be refunded within 7 days.


We can provide you with a list of local registered caterers, or we can provide snacks and/or lunches for your business meeting.


Events with alcohol hold a higher bond.
The use of alcohol within the hall is subject to a responsible attitude being demonstrated,
and users are to ensure that members of their party do not abuse the privilege.
There are no glasses available.
A Special Licence is required for the sale and supply of liquor.
This can be obtained from the Western BOP District Council.


You are allowed to clean the facility yourself to avoid extra cleaning costs,
so long as the hall has been restored to the condition originally set.
This will be monitored by the hall Manager.

If the cleaning standard has not been met after hall hireage, the Manager may contact you to return and complete the task. Otherwise, they will clean to the required standard at a charge of $50 per hour.

You have the option of cleaning the facility yourself to avoid extra costs.  However, if the required cleaning standard has not been met after hall hireage, the Manager may contact you to complete the task, or the hall cleaner will be engaged to complete the clean which will be chargeable at a rate of $50/hour.

Standards for use

No tacks, nails, screws or staples shall be driven in any part of the premises without permission.
No decorations, native foliage or trees may be placed in the hall without the Managers approval.